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Tribal Research cum Training Centre, Devagadhbaria



Tribal Research cum Training Centre

Anand Agricultural University

Devgadh Baria - 389380 (Gujarat)

Phone : Office : (02678)220261

             The Tribal research cum Training centre was established at Devgadh Baria in the year of 1977 at the palace donated by Late Maharaja Jaideep Singh of Baria state with the objective of the overall development and betterment of Tribal farmers through training on Agricultural, Horticultural, Animal Husbandry, Poultry etc. The centre has approximately 8 hactares of land. This station is located in off campus of the university which is about 40 km away from Godhra bus stand, 15 km away from NH 59 Piplod and 47 km away from Dahod bus stand.



       This centre serves as a volunteer centre for the soyabean crop under the AICRP project scheme. In this scheme, this strategy focuses on genetic modification and production technology for important crops used in tribal areas (soybean). Numerous experiments with genetic enhancement have been conducted as part of national and state projects. The center has gathered and assessed soybean germplasms from different locations and developed high-yielding varieties of the crop based on regional needs.

        Centre organize on-station training, on-farm training, field level demonstration, group meetings, campaigns, field trips, farmers days, and other events under the tribal research cum training centre scheme to bring about desired changes to the traditional farming system and to improve the skills of the traditional farming community. Centre train farm women about their invaluable contribution, how to operate farms and care for animals more efficiently, and how to prepare for value addition based agro-industries under the Tribal Farm Women Training Center program. Additionally, we set up training programs to train a group of rural tribal women about home management, childcare, eating a balanced diet, etc.

        In AICRP an integrated farming system scheme, we give farmers diverse inputs by organizing them into village-based groups and providing varied farm inputs based on their cropping system. In addition, a self-help group of indigenous women was formed to produce value-added products for the market using inputs from this center and raw materials from their own farm. The objective of this centre is given below.


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