Tribal Research cum Training Centre, Devagadhbaria

Objective of the Schemes


Objectives :

 1. To impart knowledge and production skills in crop production, horticulture, farm forestry, Animal husbandry, poultry       

     keeping, agriculture, health and audition etc to the tribal farm women.

2.  To provide vocational training in agro-based cottage industries to tribal farm women families so as to improve their income

     and make them lead better quality of life.

3. To educate the tribal farm women families to use appropriate low cost and low risk technologies in the farm and homes.

4. To diversify the use of labour in lean period through subsidiary enterprises like livestock farming, poultry keeping,


5. To identify the social customs, norms and beliefs of the tribal which act as turner in adoption of new technologies and to

     influence the change in their traditional outlook.

6. To conduct need-based training programme for tribal farm women.

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