Tribal Research cum Training Centre, Devagadhbaria

Name of the scheme


A. Non Plan Project 

1.      Tribal Research cum Training Centre (B.H. 5704)

2.      Strengthening Research in Maize Project  (B.H. 6005)

3.      Scheme for Research in Oil seed and Pulses crops for Tribal Area (B.H.6009)


B. Plan Project 

1.    Genetic enhancement and production technologies of major crops (Soybean) grown in tribal areas, Devgadh Baria” (12979-01)

2.      Tribal Farm women Training Centre (B.H. 12977)

3.      Strengthening of Pashu Vigyan Kendra (PVK) at Limkheda (D’Baria) (B.H. 12993-03)


C. Other Agency Projects:

1.      Need based Testing contingency for Soybean (B.H. 2007-1)

2.      On Farm Research (IFS-OFR) (B.H. 2025)

3.      Strengthening adaptive research in all agro-climatic zone of the state of Anand (B.H. 12937)

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