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Tribal Training, Dahod

Training Centre for Tribal Farmer & Agri Polyclinic Agricultural Research Station Anand Agriocultural University Muvaliyafarm, Dahod - 389 160



Tribal Farmers, farm Women & Farm Youth at Dahod (B.H.:6704-06)


        Training Centre for Tribal Farmers, Farm women and Youths was started in the year 1980-81 at Dahod for the overall development of Tribal Farmers in the tribal villages of Dahod District.

        The  tribals are trained in Agriculture, Livestock Production, Home Science etc .By such training their skills are developed and they are motivated to adopt modern technologies.

Strengthening of Agri- Polyclinic for Tribal Farmers at Dahod  (B.H. 12978)

         The Scheme of Agri. Polyclinic for Tribal Farmers (B.H.:12978) was started in 2008 at Dahod with a view provide pest/ Diseases/ Disorders diagnostic services in the tribal villages of Dahod. Due to intensive and monoculture cultivation of various crops and introduction of new varieties/ crops from different parts of  the country without testing for its susceptibilities to pest and diseases under Dahod situation, the problem of pest & diseases and unseen disorders are increasing day by day. The problem has increased due to monoculture cultivation of crops and also introduction of new crop like Soybean in Dahod district. Under changing scenario of Pest/ Diseases/ Disorders problems, there is a need to diagnose the same by the experts in well equipped laboratory. Therefore, Agri. Polyclinic was established under the "Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojna" for the Tribal farmers at Dahod.


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