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Tribal Training, Dahod

Training Centre for Tribal Farmer & Agri Polyclinic Agricultural Research Station Anand Agriocultural University Muvaliyafarm, Dahod - 389 160

Scheme Name: Training Centre for Tribal Farmer, Dahod (6704-06)


  1. Training present and prospective farmers in the proficiency of farm technology and management through participation experiences.
  2. Providing opportunities for self employment through the development of forest by improving forest production. Agriculture and other farm products
  3. Training skilled workers and technicians for supporting services needed by the farmers for farm mechanization and plant protection techniques.
  4. Imparting training in pre harvest and post harvest technology to farmers, farm women and farm youth.
  5. Helping the tribals in their upliftment of socioeconomic condition through raising the production in agriculture, animal husbandry, forest and allied   areas.
  6. Training tribals in animal nutrition and care and thus increase their milk production.
  7. Training tribals in poultry farming, fishery, goatery and piggery.
  8. Training tribals in the repairs and maintenance of farm implements.

Scheme Name: Strenthening of Agri -Polyclinic for Tribal Farmers, Dahod (12978)

  1. To identify, diagnose the diseases, pests and biotic disorder of field crops in tribal area.
  2. To strength the existing Tribal Training Centre in terms of infrastructure, office building   and equipment.
  3. To establish Agri-Polyclinic and Soil Testing Laboratories for diagnosis of the specimen  related pest, diseases, soil samples etc.
  4. To suggest timely preventive/ curative/ remedial measures to save the crops from various kind of losses in the field.
  5. To provide guidance to the tribal farmers, farm women and farm youth for agricultural and allied practices.
  6. To visit the field of tribal farmers, where the disorders/diseases have actually appeared to clear idea of the damage and symptoms of the abnormality so as to help in diagnosis of the diseases and disorders.
  7. To provide feedback to  the concerned scientist in planning the need base research.
  8. To collect soil samples and make soil analysis. 
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