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Pulse Research Station, Vadodara


          The foundation stone  for “Model farm” was laid down by Sir Maharajashri Sayajirav Gayakvad in 1892 was working with the aim to educate and train farmers of Vadodara and adjoining regions in agriculture and allied fields. In this context, Agricultural Diploma School was established in 1937. After establishment of Gujarat Agricultural University in 1972, this center was handed over to the Gujarat Agricultural University with all its activities. From 2004 onward, this institute working under Anand Agricultural University, Anand
      Pulse Research Station, Vadodara, is a Research Station of Anand Agricultural University engaged in education, research and extension activities. Pulse Research Station was initiated in 1977, then shifted to Sardarkrushinagar in 1979. However, looking to the scopes of pulses research in Middle Gujarat again it was transferred to Vadodara in 1983. In the year 2000, ICAR “Pulses Research Scheme” B.H. 2374 had been deployed to Sardarkrushinagar from the centre along with the entire establishment. Thereafter Strengthening Research in Pulses Scheme started in 1986-87.
       Under the XI Five Year Plan Scheme "Genetic enhancement and production technology of Pulses, Oilseeds and Cereals" and "Development of Organic farming systems for sustainable crop productivity and quality" was started in 2007-08 at this centre. The Soil Health Card Programme was initiated in year 2009-10. Strengthening of Agro-Meteorology Scheme was started in 2002-03. Whereas, Strengthening Adaptive Research program was initiated in 2005-06.
     Presently Pulse Research Station engaged in research in pulse crops, Organic Farming, Genetic enhancement scheme on pulses research. The station currently carried out research work on different aspects on pulses viz., Mid-late Pigeon pea, Mungbean and Urdbean and new improved varieties of pulses were recommended for farming community in recent past.
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