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The EEI-Anand has to play a vital role in the present context. The Government of India has implemented reforms in agricultural extension since 10th plan period. The ATMA approach is one of the reforms in agricultural extension, wherein all line departments have to work together under one umbrella at district level. In order to upgrade the capacity building of extension functionaries, EEI-Anand organizes various training programmes in the following broad areas.


  1. 1. Communication and motivational skills for effective extension services

2. Participatory training management skills

3. Up-gradation of HRD skills

4. Application of remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS)

  1. 5. Mass media for TOT

6. PRA tools and techniques for SREP development

7. Extension strategies for promotion of climate resilient agriculture and efficient water management

  1. 8. Participatory extension management skills

9. Success story writing skills for print and electronic media

10. Community based natural resources management

11. ICT application and M-Kisan portal

12. Digital application for effective technology transfer

13. Promotion of IPM

14. Promotion of natural farming

15. Market driven millets production, processing and value addition technologies

16. Honey bee keeping

17. Problem solving skills

18. Participatory programme planning, monitoring and evaluation

19. Soft skills for personality development

20. Entrepreneurship development for rural transformation

21. Management of CIGs and FOs

22. Recent extension approaches & innovative ideas for entrepreneurship development in agriculture & allied sectors

  1. 23. Good animal husbandry & veterinary practices for doubling of animal owner’s income
  2. 24. Gender mainstreaming and leadership skills

25. Promotion of organic farming

26. Value addition and post-harvest management of agriculture and horticulture crops

  1. 27. Leadership development and team building skills
  2. 28. Improving e- Governance in agriculture & allied sector

29. Use of social media for transfer of technology

30. Presentation skills for professional excellence

31 Dairy farmer entrepreneur’s skill training

32. Behavioral skills for extensionists & scientist

33. Video editing and conferencing skills

34. Training method & training management skills

35. Faculty development programmes for extension

36. Managerial skills for effective extension service

37. Enhancing efficiency and behavioral skills of extension professional

38. Contract farming: opportunities, issues and challenges

39. Farmer producer organization for profitability in agricultural and allied sectors

40. Time and stress management skills for better performance among the extension functionaries


Course Title


Course Director


Use of social media Skills for Extensionist and Scientist

15-05-2023 to 20-05-2023

Sh. V. J. Patel


Good Agricultural and Allied Practices of Doubling Farmers Income

22-05-2023 to 27-05-2023

Dr. B. S. Divekar


Video Production and Dissemination Skills for Agricultural Extension Functionaries

29-05-2023 to 03-06-2023

Dr. Keyur Gardhariya


Participatory Extension Management Skills in Agriculture & Allied Fields

05-06-2023 to 10-06-2023

Dr. J. K. Patel


Training Method & Training Management Skills

12-06-2023 to 17-06-2023

Dr. Ravikumar Chaudhari


Faculty Development Programmes for Extension

19-06-2023 to 24-06-2023

Sh. V. J. Patel


Presentation Skills for Professional Excellence

03-07-2023 to 08-07-2023

Dr. Payal Vihariya


Human Resource Development Skills for Professional Excellence

10-07-2023 to 15-07-2023

Dr. Yogesh Rathwa


Managerial Skills for Effective Extension Service

17-07-2023 to 22-07-2023

Dr. Keyur Gardhariya


Enhancing Efficiency and Behavioural Skills of Extension Professional

24-07-2023 to 28-07-2023

Dr. A. C. Jatapara


Gender Mainstreaming & Leadership Skills in Agriculture and Allied Sectors

31-07-2023 to 05-08-2023

Dr. B. S. Divekar


Competency Skills Enhancement for Extension Professional

07-08-2023 to  12-08-2023

Dr. Payal Vihariya


Next Generation Communication and Management Competencies for Inspiring Service Excellence of Extension Professionals

21-08-2023 to 26-08-2023

Dr. A. P. Ninama


Communication and Motivational Skills for Effective Extension Services

11-09-2023 to 16-09-2023

Dr. Ravikumar Chaudhari


Digital Application for Effective Technology Transfer

20-09-2023 to 23-09-2023

Dr. A. C. Jatapara


Contract Farming: Opportunities, Issues and Challenges

03-10-2023 to 07-10-2023

Dr. PayalVihariya


Competency Enhancement Programme on Soft Skills and Personality Development

09-10-2023 to 14-10-2023

Sh. V. J. Patel


Extension Strategies for Promotion of Climate Resilient Agriculture and Efficient Water Management

16-10-2023 to 21-10-2023

Dr. A. P. Ninama


Farmer Producer Organization for Profitability in Agricultural and Allied Sectors

25-10-2023 to 28-10-2023

Dr. Ravi Kumar


Regional Training Need Assessment Workshop


Dr. Keyur Gardhariya


Market Driven Millets Production, Processing and Value Addition Technologies

28-11-2023 to 02-12-2023

Dr. J. K. Patel


Success Story Writing Skills for Print & Electronic Media

04-12-2023 to 09-12-2023

Dr. Ravikumar Chaudhari


Use of Integrated Approaches for Natural Resources Management by Community

11-12-2023 to 16-12-2023

Dr. A. C. Jatapara


Leadership and Team Building Skills for Organizational Excellence

18-12-2023 to 23-12-2023

Dr. A. P. Ninama


Improving e-Governance in Agriculture & Allied Sector

26-12-2023 to 30-12-2023

Sh. V. J. Patel


Time and Stress Management Skills for Better Performance among the Extension Functionaries

01-01-2024 to 06-01-2024

Dr. Yogesh Rathwa


Promotion of Organic Farming and Sustainable Agriculture

08-01-2024 to 12-01-2024

Dr. B. S. Divekar


Application of Remote Sensing & Geographic Information Systems (GIS) In Agricultural Development

16-01-2024 to 20-01- 2024

Dr. Yogesh Rathwa


Recent Extension Approaches & Innovative Ideas for Entrepreneurship Development in Agriculture & Allied Sectors

29.01.2024 to 03.02.2024

Dr. Ravikumar Chaudhari


Use of Mass Media for Effective Transfer of Technology

05.02.2024 to 10.02.2024

Dr. A. P. Ninama

 Academic Calander Brochure for Seeking Nomination (2023-24)


Officer of the Different Line Departments/Scientists of SAUs, ICAR Institutes/SAMETIs/ATMA/NGOs and others agency of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Goa. Chhattisgarh and UTs of Daman, Diu and dadra nagar Havali will join the above training programmes send their nomination through their Departments


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