Agricultural Research Station, Arnej

Agricultural Research Station, ArNej




             The Agricultural Research Station was started in the year 1944 as a testing center for wheat. Later on, chickpea testing programme was added in the year 1977 with some additional staff. In earlier days, objective was to evolve drought tolerant crop varieties and dry farming practices suitable for this region. In December 1979, National Agricultural Research Project (NARP) came into existence with the help and aid provided by International Development Association (IDA) in affiliation with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) with sole objective to improve crop productivity of salt affected soil under erratic pattern of rainfall and harsh climatic conditions. The research work at this NARP center is covered under various disciplines such as, (1) Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, (2) Agronomy (3) Genetics and Plant Breeding, (4) Agricultural Entomology, (5) Plant Pathology, (6) Agricultural Extension, (7) Agricultural Engineering and (8) Plant Physiology. Since the post of Plant Physiology has been withdrawn from the center so as research work on Plant Physiology is not carried out at present. The sole objective was to find out solution to various crop productions related constraints of Bhal and Coastal Agro-climatic Zone through multidisciplinary location specific research. This station was the head quarter of Bhal and Coastal Agro-climatic Zone VIII of Gujarat state with two sub-centers viz; Agricultural Research Station, Dhandhuka and Dry Farming Research Station, Vallabhipur. The research work done in this agro-climatic zone is mainly on supporting and testing centers on need based problems, development of crop genotypes and release of crop varieties and to increase the production and productivity of the crops for betterment of the farming community. This center, being the headquarter of Bhal and Coastal Zone, used to enjoy the status of Regional Research Station. To co-ordinate and guide in all kinds of multidisciplinary research activities of the entire zone, one post of Associate Director of research was functional from this station. With the dissolution of Gujarat Agricultural University (GAU) with simultaneous inception of four Agricultural Universities in Gujarat state, Arnej center has been placed under the newly formed Anand Agricultural University, Anand and the post of Associate Director of Research has been abolished. The center is situated 13 km away from Bagodara (Ahmedabad- Rajkot National Highway 8) on Bagodara-Tarapur State highway and 75 km away from Ahmedabad city. The research staion can be reached by railway from Arnej railway staion (1.5 km) as well as at bust stop via road. 

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