Agricultural Research Station, Arnej


  • Perform lead function for crop improvement of wheat (Triticum durum), chickpea and fodder sorghum in relation to saline and saline-sodic soil.
  • Introduction of new crops to the region and to workout agronomy.
  • Development of cultural aspects of wheat, chickpea cotton and sorghum as well as soil moisture conservation technology.
  • Study on ameliorative measures for salt affected soils and use of saline ground water in agriculture.
  • Plant Protection research for the pest and disease of crops cultivated in the region.
  • Improvement of local agricultural implements and tools with a view to increase their efficacy as well as minimize wear and tear.
  • Approach to use uncultivable land through alternate crops (Specially horticultural crops).
  • Arrangement of annual workshop to bring together the extension staff and the stations scientists to review and propose addition or alternation in the research programmes for influenced area and for speedy flow of information from research stations to the farmers fields.
  • Experimental trials on improved varieties, methodology and its implements. 
  • Arrangement of short duration course (of about a day or two) to familiarize the farmers with the latest technology know-how which, besides the farmers day.
  • Publication of literature pertaining to the findings of the stations.
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