Agricultural Research Station, Arnej

Major thrust area of research & crops

  • Development of drainage technology
  • Irrigation management in those parts of the zone as would be covered under Sardar Sarovar Irrigation Command.
  • Strategy for sustainable agricultural development through recharging the under ground water.
  • Generation of crop production technology under limited irrigations for the command area, mono -cropping, double -cropping, crop-rotations and input requirements as well as development of package of practices for pest and disease management in the irrigated command as well as rainfed area through integrated approach.
  • Development of variety especially durum wheat and chickpea tolerant to heat and stress with higher productivity under rainfed as well as limited irrigated conditions.
  • Diversification cropping or introduction of new crops.
  • Development of low cost Argil. Technology including bio-fertilizer, bio-pesticides/ botanicals.
  • Monitoring of soil health in the command area and need based reclamatory measures.

      Crops :  Cotton, paddy, peralmillet, sesamum, fodder sorghum in kharif,

                     wheat and gram in rabi

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