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Regional Cotton Research Station, Viramgam

Research Activities

 Present scenario of cotton research activity in brief


Research goal

Progress in attending problems at present


Improvement in fiber length / fibre quality attributes suitable to modern textile requirements.

Rigorous breeding work including inter specific hybridization.

The Fibre length is very prone to GxE interactions that is being stabilized by population breeding in isolation involving genotypes with good fibre length.

Genotypes having good fibre length (up to 28 mm) has been evolved and at present some of the genotypes are under trials.


Fibre strength weakness

Genotypes with good fibre strength were identified.



Population of herbaceum cotton is late maturing so it needs special attention to bring earliness. New early genotypes have been evolved.

4 Big boll size Herbaceum cotton is having small sized bolls which needs special attention to improve boll size. New genotypes with incresed boll weight have been evolved.
  • Crop Improvement
    • Strenghning of genetic resources which include collection, evaluation and maintenance of germplasm for making use in breeding programme.
    • Development of new genetic materials for developing genotypes with high yield, better fibre quality and resistance to various biotic and abiotic stresses.
    • Evaluation of newly developed genotype under various categories of trials such as PET, PHT, SSHT, SSVT, LSVT and MLT etc.
    • Breeder seed production as per state indent to cater the need of farmers and seed producing agencies.
    • Dissemination of newly developed technology on the farmer’s fields through Front Line Demonstration.
    • Resource Management
      • To study the high density planting / paired row system in cotton.
      • To screen and ascertain the performance of promising strains of desi cotton under limited irrigation.
    • Crop Protection
      • Surveillance of lepidopterous pest through sex pheromones in cotton.
      • Screening of cotton varieties for resistance to various diseases.
      • To survey the incidence of different diseases of Deshi cotton.
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