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Regional Research Station, Anand

Regional Research Station, Anand

Regional Research Station
Anand Agricultural University
Anand - 388 110 (Gujarat)

Phone: Office :(02692) 260329; Farm   :(02692) 264234




The Regional Research Station, Anand Agricultural University, Anand is main station for crop improvement research of major crops of middle Gujarat viz. wheat, castor, pearl millet, groundnut, mustard etc. besides lead centre for quality seed production of paddy, wheat, castor and groundnut. The Nodal Officer (Seed) is working as coordinator for AAU seed production programmes including breeder seed. The station also has crop production and soil & water management research schemes in major crops of the area. This station is located in the main campus of the university popularly known as khetiwadi, which is 4 km away from Anand railway station, 5 km away from Ahmedabad- Mumbai National Highway No. 48 and 8 km away from Ahmedabad-Vadodara Express Way No. 1.

The seed production work on various crops was carried out at the Plant Breeding Farm of the Institute of Agriculture, Anand since 1948. After inception of the Gujarat Agricultural University (01/06/1972) ECFP unit, Unit-5 was established. The Regional Research Station was established from September 1, 2005 with merger of research schemes of Department of Cytogenetic and Plant Breeding with Unit – 5, ECFP. The Regional Research Station is also Lead Centre of ICAR Mega Seed Project from March 2006.



  • Research on major crops of middle Gujarat Agro-climatic zone III.
  • Research on Agronomical practices of popular crops of the area.
  • To develop the new genetic materials for evolving high yielding with better quality genotypes/ hybrids for middle Gujarat Agro-climatic zone III.
  • To find out remunerative production and protection technologies of popular and new crops of the zone.
  • Seed multiplication of developed varieties to cater the need of the farmers.
  • Dissemination of the newly developed technologies on the farmers’ field through demonstration, krishi mela, exhibition etc.  


Salient achievements

  • Total ‘3’ varieties are released click here
  • Total ‘9’ technologies are developed click here
  • About ‘974’ germplasms are maintained at this centre. click here
  • Eighteen ‘18’ Long term Projects/ Schemes and ‘8’ adhoc Project/Scheme are in operation at this centre. click here
  • Twenty ‘20’ Projects/ Schemes are completed successfully by the centre. click here
  •  ‘41’ Research Papers in International journal and ‘21’ Research Papers in National journal were contributed by Faculty of this centre. click here
  • ‘1177’ quintals of seeds are produced by the centre during the last year 2023-24. click here
  • Coordination of Seed production activities of AAU seed production centres as by the office of Nodal Officer (Seed). For details of year wise seed production by AAU seed production centres. click here




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