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Regional Research Station, Anand




Year of Establishment

The Regional Research Station was established from September 1st, 2005 with merger of Plant Breeding/ Crop Improvement research schemes of Department of Cytogenetic and Plant Breeding with Unit – 5, ECFP; then after Regional Research Station was granted as Lead Centre of ICAR Mega Seed Project from March 2006.

However, the ECFP unit, Unit-5 was established in Institute of Agriculture, Anand before the establishment of the then Gujarat Agricultural University (01/06/1972).



The Regional Research Station is lead centre of AICRP on Seed (Crops), and has a responsibility of coordination for seed production and distribution. The produced seed is being processed and marketed/ distributed with brand name “ANUBHAV SEEDS”. The brand name has been registered and patented with competent authority.


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