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Soil & Water Conservation Engineering

         The department is actively engaged in teaching, research and extension education activities in the areas of Soil and Water Conservation, Irrigation Water Management, Ground Water, Hydrology and Watershed Management. The department is offering 16 credits at Diploma level.

The department has following laboratories:

  • Irrigation Engineering
  •  Drainage Engineering
  •  Strength of Material and Building Materials
  •  Soil and Water Conservation Engineering
  •  Wells and Pumps Engineering
  •  Pump Testing
  •  Controlled Environment Plant Growth
  •  Hydrology
  •  Soil Mechanics
  •  Fluid Mechanics
  •  Water Quality       

        The department conducts Practical in fields of irrigation water management, agricultural hydrology, ground water and engineering. The department is maintaining instructional farm for demonstration of agriculture technologies, especially soil and water management to the students and farmers as well as for conducting field research on various crops.

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