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Main Rice Research Station, Nawagam




Name of the Project scheme/

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Strengthening Research in Paddy



·  Breeding for resistance to insect pests and diseases.

·  Breeding for quality and high protein.               

·  Breeding for tolerance to drought and saline conditions and develop   their agro techniques for high production.

· Breeding rice varieties for early maturing with high yield and good market demand.

· Maintaining purity and performance of improved rice varieties.

· Improvement in the production of salt-land paddy and its package of practices.


Strengthening Adaptive Research in all agro climatic zones of the State at Anand

12937 (Plan)

· To conduct adoptive trials of new high yielding varieties and technologies at farmer’s fields for technology dissemination.


Establishment of organic farming at different centers.

12965-04 (Plan)

· Development of improved technology for organic farming.

· Development of Suitable organic farming models of important cropping systems.

· To study the effect of organic farming on yield and quality of organic farm products as well as soil health.

· To impart training to farmers through demonstration of technology generated.


Application of remote sensing techniques in agriculture with reference to crop stress detection and crop yield modeling.


· To study spectoral responses of major crops undergoing various kinds of stress and to develop methodology for the detection of stress using remote sensing technique.

·To develop yield models for rice in terms of spectoral properties and agro meteorological data using Remote Sensing Technique.


Improvement of nutritional quality of rice at nawagam.


·  To develop rice varieties to improve the protein quality and to increase the availability iron and zinc elements in rice crop.

· To import the varieties from world locations which organizing this type of research and to initiate research programme to add the quality factors in local varieties.

· To evolve rice varieties superior in nutritional quality. 


Evolving suitable Rice Genotypes for Rabi & Summer Cultivation for Enhancing the Production and Productivity in Middle Gujarat of Agro – Climatic Zone – III, Thasra & Nawagam


· Evolving a nutrient efficient, photo / thermo period insensitive, multiple resistant for biotic stresses, Water Use Efficient, suitable genotype for Summer / Rabi cultivation to enhance the production and productivity of the Gujarat State.


Research on Hybrid Development in Paddy at Nawagam.


· Identification of parental lines and their hybrids combinations that exhibit commercial heterosis along with better quality and inbuilt resistance for biotic stresses.

· Development of CMS lines and elite restorers with improved attributes.

· Development of appropriate hybrid seed production technology for commercialization of hybrids.

· To workout remunerative package of practices for hybrids.


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