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Main Rice Research Station, Nawagam

Research Activities

Crop Improvement

  • To evaluate suitable rice varieties through inter disciplinary approach for various categories of situations viz; low land rice (irrigated), upland rice (un-irrigated), hilly area and saline and alkaline conditions as well as Summer season..
  • Production of Breeder Seed, Nucleus seed trustful seed and general seeds of improved varieties of rice for national demand.
  • Acceleration of rice production by development of improved varieties.
  • To establish a network linkage for effective assessment of varieties technology emanating from different National and International Research Stations.
  • Breeding programme for the resistance to insect, pests and disease.
  • Development of genotypes suitable for multiple and intercropping systems.
  • Breeding for quality and high protein, tolerance to drought and saline conditions.
  • Maintaining purity and performance of improved rice varieties.
  • Standardizing package of practices for hybrid rice.


  • To workout profitable management practices for newly evolved improved varieties of rice as well as promising cultures in pipeline.
  • To undertake research on nutrient aspect of soil and plant.
  • Acceleration of rice production by development of improved package of practices.
  • Improvement in the production of Summer paddy and its package of practices.
  • Research on weed management practices in nursery as well as in transplanted rice crop.
  • To ascertain the suitable crop sequence based on transplanted rice.
  • Research on fertilizer and water management using sprinkler irrigation and system of Rice intensification (SRI).
  • To study spectral responses of transplanted rice undergoing various kinds of stress and to develop methodology for the detection of stress using remote sensing technique. To develop yield models for rice in terms of spectral properties and agro meteorological data using Remote Sensing Technique.
  • Quality evaluation of samples of breeding, agronomy, plant physiology and plant protection experiments.

Crop Protection

  • (To screen breeding materials for resistance to important pests and diseases under hotspot conditions.
  • To undertake research on newly developed pests and diseases
  • Pest and disease survey and surveillance of rice in rice growing area of the state.
  • Management of rice pest / diseases by botanicals, biopesticides and fungicides as well as insecticides.
  • Evaluation of IPM / IDM module for rice pest disease complex.
  • Characterization and monitoring of bio-control agent.
  • Identification of additional and new sources of resistance to WBPH, leaf folder and yellow stem borer through genetic characterization and grouping of resistant donors.
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