Agricultural Research Station, Dahod

Agricultural Research Station, Anand Agricultural University, Muvaliya Farm, Dahod - 389 160

Now, Agricultural Research Station (Hill millet research station), AAU, Dahod - 389160 gained importance since it was the only centre under AAU which conducted research on minor millets such as finger millet, kodo millet, porso millet, little millet, foxtail millet and barnyard millet. Dahod and adjoining areas have considerable tribal population who hardly can afford to grow crops like rice, wheat, maize, legumes etc which need costly inputs. They can afford to grow minor millets which can tolerate nutrient starvation and will open a window for the poor tribals to achieve food security and sustainable livelihood. Therefore ICAR and GOG identified this centre for research in these crops. The centre, as a result could develop many high yielding varieties. Another crop which is extensively grown in this region is maize and it is the only centre under AAU apart from Godhra where research in maize is being conducted extensively. The centre is a part of AICRP programme in maize. Two other crops for which Dahod centre has monopoly is garlic and ginger. Both these crops are extensively grown in this area and the yield levels obtained to the tune of 80-100qtls per hectare in the case of garlic and 200-250 quintals per hectare in the case of ginger. Apart from this the centre is also actively involved in research in soybean. The farmers of Dahod district have been growing soybean for past few years and the area has increased considerably.

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