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Agricultural Research Station, Dahod

Agricultural Research Station, Anand Agricultural University, Muvaliya Farm, Dahod - 389 160

A.  Name of the Agro Climatic Zone : Middle Gujarat Agro Climatic Zone-III

B.  Rainfall: 400 to 900 mm (Last 30 year average 786 mm)

C.  Soil: Soil of the centre is sandy loam, black and heavy black. Water holding capacity is very poor. Depth of the soil is about 50 cm.

D. Temperature: This centre comes in middle Gujarat Agro climatic Zone-III. The winter is cold having minimum temperature up to 5.0 Co and summers are hot. The maximum temperature rise up to 45.0 Co. The monsoon commence early i.e. around 15th June and withdraws by 1st week of September. Average total rainfall around 400-900 mm.

E.  Geographical Details: The Hill Millet Research Station is located on National Highway No.59 near Dahod at distance of 5 km in southern direction from Dahod city on Ahmedabad-Indore National Highway. Dahod is district headquarter of Dahod (20o 50' N and 75o 18' E). The elevation of Location is 280 meter above mean sea level (MSL).

F.  Soil properties: Soil nitrogen availability is poor medium in phosphorus and high in potash.

   Type: Sandy Loam, Black and heavy black, medium to poor   

     productive and responsive to fertilizersA. 

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