Agricultural Research Station for Irrigated Crops, Thasra

Agricultural Research Station for Irrigated Crops, Thasra

This centre was started in 1961 with cotton research scheme for the purpose of controlling Root rot disease in cotton and finds the resistant genotypes. 


The Sugarcane Research Scheme was started to develop improved varieties as well as agronomical practices of sugarcane crop for middle Gujarat during 1971-72 which is chnged to Paddy (Kharif and Summer), Wheat, Gram and Vegetable Research Scheme from 2010-11.


There after, in order to asses the water requirement of various important crops of the area and study the effect of water logging and secondary salinization on crop productivity and find out the remedial measures; Scheme for management of salt affected soil and poor quality of under ground water was started in 1986-87.


Sardar Sarovar Irrigation Research Scheme (a collaborative research with Water management scheme) was started in 2001-02 for demonstration on recommended technologies in different crops, Transfer of Technology through organizing training of the farmers, Khedut Shibir and Field Day and Analysis of soil samples in Narmada Command Area.   


The agricultural research station, Thasra is located on Dakor- Godhra state high way about 8 km away from Dakor and near to Thasra bus station as well as 2 km away from Thasra railway station.


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