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Agricultural Research Station for Irrigated Crops, Thasra

Agro-climatic zone

Middle Gujarat agro-climatic zones-III and agro-ecological situation-II.
The station falls under middle Gujarat Agro-climatic zone: III

  1. Rain fall: Average rainfall of last 30 years: 904.3 mm
  2. Soil: Alluvial sandy and loam type with average depth of cms: 200 cm
  3. Temperature: Min. 20.30 oC (Average); Max: 33.63 oC (Average)
  4. Latitude: 22°40' Longitude 73°12'
  5. Farm area: 15.71 ha Farm area

Farm area under cultivation: 14.21 ha
Area under farm structure and Office building: 1.5 ha
Source of irrigation: borewell (nos)/ dugwell (nos)/ canal/ river/ other: Three Bore wells and canal facility

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