Paddy Research Station, Dabhoi


  1. To implement seed production programme of high yielding varieties of transplanting paddy and to provide same to farmers.
  2. To carry out research work to meet the need of developing production technology for increasing paddy production in Gujarat.
  3. To contribute the development of high yielding, disease and insect tolerant varieties/hybrids of paddy crop with better quality.
  4. To disseminate production technology to the farmers under sardar Sarovar project using various extension tools.
  5. To find out water requirement of different crops & suggest ways to increase water use efficiency.
  6. Conjunctive use of surface and underground water.
  7. Impact of irrigation on change in soil characteristics water table and secondary salinization as well as to proved soil health card to the farmers of Narmada command.
  8. To conduct adaptive trials of new high yielding varieties at farmer’s fields for technology dissemination.
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