Paddy Research Station, Dabhoi


  • To implement breeding programme for short duration drilled paddy.
  • To implement breeding programme for development of multi-resistant transplanted paddy.
  • To reduce cultivation cost by usingorganic residues like FYM, Vermicompost & culture and thereby minimizing chemical fertilizer cost.
  • To implement seed production programme of high yielding varieties of transplanting paddy and to provide same to farmers on no profit no loss basis.
  • To suggest farmers for broadcasting of sprouted paddy seed directly to fields which gives 15 to 20 % more yield and eliminates the cost of transplanting.
  • To disseminate production technology to the farmers under Sardar Sarovar Project using various extension tools.
  • To findout water requirement of different crops & suggest ways to increase water use efficiency.
  • To develop Agro-Technology from different crops and cropping system.
  • Development of proper irrigation method including pressurized systems and ways to reduce seepage losses.
  • Conjunctive use of surface and under ground water.
  • Identification of alternate crops / cropping systems under limited water availability.
  • Impact of irrigation on change in soil characteristics water table and secondary salinization as well as to proved soil health card to the farmers of Narmada command.
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