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College of Food Processing Technology & Bio Energy, Anand

FPTBE Alumni Association

About Us:

The academic program of the college was started in the year 2005 and the first batch of P.G. student passed out in the year 2007. The U.G. Program was started in the year 2008 and the first batch was out in the year 2013. It was therefore decided to have an Alumni Association of the FPT&BE college. In the year 2014 the FPTBE Alumni Association was established. In collaboration with an extremely dedicated volunteer Executive Council Members, the FPTBE Alumni Association works on the following aims and objectives.

Aims & Objectives:

To provide platform for promoting interaction among all the members of the association, bodies, institutions (private and/or government) and industries interested in dissemination of modern scientific knowledge and technical skills for efficient handling of various food resources from farm-to-factory-to-consumers, and thus contributing towards overall development of the field of food processing and upliftment of farming community.

  1. To disseminate new technology in the field of food processing and related disciplines by publication of journals, newsletter etc. incorporating research and teaching ideas, reviews, new development, employing media of mass communication and also by arranging different programs for members of association.
  2. To appreciate and recognize the members of the association for their outstanding contribution in the field of food processing by way of Awards, Medals and other related suitable felicitations.
  3. To encourage and undertake research and technical support in food processing and related disciplines.
  4. To arrange/organize seminars, memorial lectures, debates, panel discussions on topics of research and education of international, national and regional relevance.
  5. To provide financial help to deserving bright students of the College of Food Processing Technology & Bio Energy, Anand Agricultural University, Anand.
  6. To develop infrastructure for the use of association for various activities of clause (i) to (vi).
  7. To secure/raise funds, donations and endowments required to carry out various activities as per clause (i) to (vii).
  8. To appoint personnel’s as per the procedure laid down for smooth functioning of the association.


Students of the College of FPT&BE who have obtained the full time B.Tech. or M.Tech. degree course is accorded the membership to FPTBE Alumni Association as life member of this association by paying one time membership fee. Moreover, teachers of College of FPTBE who are in teaching (for at least three years) and desirous of being members of this association are considered as teacher members of this association.


FPTBE Alumni Association activities:

With over 250 registered life members, active and engaged alumni network has been created to empower the institute and its graduates. The FPTBE Alumni association organises expert talk, guest lecture, seminar, tech-fest and other similar student development activities for students of the college. In addition, WhatsApp group and Facebook page has been created to share the vacancy, news and other relevant information with the members and students of the college. 

Executive council members of FPTBE Alumni Association (2019-2022)

Chief Patron

Dr.  D. C. Joshi


Dr.  R. F. Sutar

Vice President

Dr. S. H. Akbari

Mr. Viral Marathe


Dr. Amee Ravani

Joint Secretary

Dr. Bhaumik B. Patel

Mr. Dipen Pandya


Mr. G.P. Tagalpallewar

Chief editor

Dr Samit Dutta


Mr. Tarang Patodiya

Council Members

Dr. A. K. Sharma

Dr. H. Pandey

Mr. B. N. Fenn

Dr. Hetal Bhatt

Mr. Nilesh Sardar

Mr. Nikunj Shah

Mr. Jayesh Patel

Mr. Devansh Desai

Contact details:

You may reach the FPTBE Alumni Association office at                                   



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