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College of Food Processing Technology & Bio Energy, Anand


The efficient use of resources is the growing concern for all  involved in food production, processing, distribution and retailing. The unique features of the raw materials of the food processing industries such as seasonality, perishability and variability in conjunction with sophistication required for processing to maintain high quality standards, necessitates special attention towards focused  availability of qualified technical manpower, effectivetechnologies and efficient machinery. The food industries in the country need modernization to face the challenges of the globalization.

Considering the huge demand of the specialized human resource for the fast growing sectors of food industry, the Anand Agricultural University has established a full-fledged College of Food Processing Technology & Bio-Energy in the year of 2008-09 vide Government of Gujarat, Department of Agriculture & Cooperation Notification No - ACV- 122008 - 404 - C.2 dated 29-05-2008. It develops students with high-tech scientific knowledge and technical skills to handle various food resources from farm-to-factory-to-consumers. Efficient production, processing and packaging of various value added processed food products of very high quality are the main aspects being taught to the students. The college produces competent food technologists/engineers to establish, operate and manage various sectors of food processing industries. 


Providing excellent food processing professionals to the industry


The primary mission of the college is to produce highly skilled, competent and motivated technical manpower for food processing and allied industries. The technocrats so produced will also be competent to handle all the aspects of research institutes, quality testing laboratories and other related agencies. Also, the college is concerned with the exploitation of novel techniques and technologies to maximize the use of food resources.

Goals and objectives

  • Goals

To provide education, research and training in the field of food processing technology, food engineering, food quality assurance, bio-energy and other relevant subjects.

  • Objectives
  1. To conduct under graduate and post graduate academic programmes in Food Processing Technology & Bio Energy for developing highly skilled and competent manpower for food processing industries and other agencies.
  2. To undertake research in the area of agro-processing, food technology, food engineering, food quality assurance, bio energy, and related areas.
  3. To carry out extension activities in the above areas by keeping liaison with different agencies for effective training and first line transfer of technologies.
  4. To provide consultancy and advisory services to the industry, government and non-government sectors and prospective entrepreneurs.

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