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Sheth D.M. Polytechnic in Horticulture, AAU, Vadodara

Sheth D.M.Polytechnic in Horticulture

          Model farm at Vadodara is well known since 1892 as a place of education and training in the field of agriculture. Agriculture education started in 1926 by Shrimant Vadodara State Government. Then after with donation of   Sheth Dosabhai Maganlal, full fledge Agricultural School was started by Vadodara State in 1939 to give knowledge of agriculture to farmers. Primary teachers and military persons were giving training on improved method of agricultural practices in the beginning. This was continued until 1949, when the Vadodara state merged with Bombay state. Consequently one year course was taken from making uniform pattern in the whole state.

            Two years diploma course named as “Agricultural School” was run for S.S.C. (Xth Std.) passed students, only in the faculty of agriculture, at 14 different centers across the state under the control of Agricultural universities of Gujarat till 2008-09 and at other centers till the year 2009-10. In the Agricultural School, twelve subjects were taught in Gujarati medium and examination system was yearly. Innovative ideas of establishment of polytechnic programmes in various faculties are recently implemented to meet the demand for middle level technocrats in agrarian community. Three years Polytechnic course in the Horticulture was started in 2009.

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