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Polytechnic in Agricultural Engineering, AAU, Dahod


The Student Representative Council (SRC)
The Student Representative Council (SRC) strives to improve the quality of student life for the entire student body. Elected by their peers, the SRC acts as an advocate for the
student body with the elected SRC President taking charge of the events and activities.
Aims and Objectives:
1.        To promote co-curricular activities leading the students to the intellectual, social, cultural and physical development so as to prepare them as ideal citizens.
2.        To encourage sentiments of national integration and of international understanding among the students by arranging group discussions and to
             develop leadership through different activities which encourage dignity of labour, social service, cooperation, mutual respect etc.
3.        To promote social relation amongst the students as well as with the teachers.
4.        To augment academic and co-curricular interest among the students by maintaining sports complex, reading room, library and other facilities.
5.        To facilitate the students and enhance the attitude of cooperation through several cooperative activities for community development
6.        To develop a sense of discipline and commitment as an educated individual towards the society.
SRC Activities and Co-curricular Activities: College conducted various activities during the year such as Volleyball, Cricket ,Badminton ,Table Tennis ,Kho-Kho etc
Sport Days Event
100 mt ,200 mt ,400 mt ,Long Jump ,Discus throw ,Javelin Throw etc.
Poster Preparation
Celebration of the Days     Celebration of Evets for the month/year      
 Teacher Day
 Yoga Day
 National Youth Day etc
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