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Main Forage Research Station, Anand

Agro-climatic information

Name of the Agro-climatic zone: III (AES II)

Average rainfall of last 30 years: 853 mm

Soil: Sandy loam (Alluvial) type with average depth of >10 m

Temperature: Min. 10.83 degreeC ; Max 40.08 degree C

Geographical Details: Latitude 22 degree 35'; Longitude : 72 degree 55'


Soil properties

Type                                         Sandy loam, Medium in soil fertility and responsive to fertilizers

pH                                            8.2; Neutral in reaction

Organic Carbon (%)                    0.30-0.40; Medium

Available Nitrogen (kg/ha)         250-280; Medium

Available Phosphorus (kg/ha)     40-50; Medium

Available Potassium (kg/ha)       250-300; High


Water properties                     Good

EC (dS/m)                                0.25

SAR                                          5.8

RSC (meq/lit)                           <1.00

Class                                        Good

Fluoride                                   NIL


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