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Main Forage Research Station, Anand



Sr.No. Name of the scheme Mandate
1 AICRP on Forage Crops, Anand, B.H. 2012, (ICAR) To carry out an integrated multi-disciplined and problem oriented programme of Forage Research by a team of scientists including Plant Breeder, Agronomist and Chemist (Quality Evaluation). To evolve high yielding varieties having high forage yield and quality. To generate information on forage technology and multiply and supply the targeted breeder seeds requirements of the varieties developed by the project and national fodder varieties.
2 Grass Research Scheme, Anand, B.H. 5012 (Non-plan) This scheme objective is to collect, select and breed various indigenous grasses and legumes for different agro-climatic zones of the state with the ultimate aim to increase the production of grasses and legumes from the natural grasslands of the state and also to conduct Research in Grassland and management and development.

Strengthen Research in Forage Crops, Anand, B.H. 12012, (Plan)

To breed high yielding varieties of forage crops having high forage yield and quality.

To develop forage crops varieties for moisture stress condition alkalinity, saline conditions and resistant to water logging.

To develop and introduce legumes like stylosanthes, siratro for improving the carrying capacity of pasture lands.

To develop agro-techniques and package of practices for maximizing production of forage crops.


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