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Main Forage Research Station, Anand


  • To carry out an integrated multi-disciplinary and problem-oriented programme of forage research by a team of scientists including breeder, agronomist and bio-chemist (Quality evaluation).
  • To evolve high yielding varieties having high forage yield, disease and pest tolerant varieties / hybrids with better quality.
  • Collection, evaluation and maintenance of germplasm in important forage crops viz., Sorghum, Bajra, Maize, Cowpea, Clitoria and Lucerne.
  • To collect, select and breed various indigenous grasses and legumes for different agro-climatic zones of the state
  • To develop agro-techniques and package of practices for maximizing production of forage crops.
  • To conduct All India Co-ordinated varietal and agronomical trials to collect information under the agro-climatic conditions of Gujarat State.
  • To conduct Research on Grassland management and development.
  • To provide the targeted breeder seeds of the varieties developed in forage crops as per the state and national indents.
  • To disseminate information regarding improved package of practices among the farmers through front line demonstrations.
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