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Information Technology Center, Anand

Information Technology Center, Anand

The agriculture sector plays predominant role in economy of India. Information Technology is an important branch in the field of agriculture as it provides support to the farming community. Agriculture is the backbone of agro industries. IT contributing one third to the national GDP in the Indian economy.  Under the changing dynamics of economical and industrial growth, agriculture has to experience changes with new approaches

The Information Technology Center at Anand Agricultural University caters the demand for the use of Information Technology at the university level as well as the in the field of agriculture and allied sciences.

 The agricultural sector has to suffer because of lake of information of new technologies to the farmers and also communication gap between farmers and the researchers. Some problems, regarding Indian farming are how to produce, what to produce, when to produce and where to produce.  A quick solution can bring about these problems is only using Information Technology in Agriculture and allied sciences.


Facilities available at IT center


Wifi Internet Connectivity

Information Technology Center provides the WiFi internet facility to the employees & students  covering hostels & institutes/units of campus region.

LAN Connectivity

Dedicated 30 mbps Leased Line connectivity (along with NKN) with fiber optic back bone connects more than 600 computers across the university campus.

Computer Laboratory

Well furnished 108 computer lab with wifi connection.

Server Room

Equipped with latest tools for server management.

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