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Regional Research Station, Anand


Sr.No. Name of the scheme Mandate
A : Bajra

Scheme for Research in Bajra,

(B. H. 5002)  (Non Plan)

  • Development and evaluation of new hybrids.
  • Evaluation of bajra hybrids (Coordinated & state during kharif & summer season.
  • Development of new inbreds as ‘R’ lines.
  • Maintenance and development of CGMS lines both A & B.

Strengthening of Research in Millet, 

(B. H. 12002) (Plan)

  • Pathological research, screening of breeding materials and test hybrids (Coordinated & state trials) against Downey mildew disease and others crop diseases.
B : Wheat

Strengthening of Research in Wheat,       

(B. H. 12004) (Plan)

Evaluations of wheat variety of Triticum aestivum for timely sown irrigated eco-system of middle    Gujarat. i. e. short duration kharif cereals. (Maize--Bajra–wheat cropping system)

  • Evaluation of wheat variety of T. aestivum for late sown irrigated ecosystem of middle Gujarat. i. e. paddy-wheat cropping system.
  • To develop high yielding multi diseases resistance, and thermo insensitive/ genotypes/suitable for late sowing condition.
  • The centre is working as varietal testing centre for both AICRP as Volunteer and state trials of wheat.
  • To screen and develop varieties for terminal heat tolerance for late sown condition.
C : Cotton

Scheme for Strengthening of Research in Cotton,     

(B. H. 5009) (Non Plan)

  • To work as one of the testing centres for cotton crop, for both hybrids and varieites.
  • To identify varieties with long staple and high count.
  • Centre for evaluation of Bt cotton hybrids for middle Gujarat.
  • To evolve G.barbedense varieties (fine quality equal to Egyptian cotton).
  • To act as additional testing center for G. barbedense trials of G. hirsutam X G. barbedense hybrid from AICRP network.


D : Oilseeds crops

Strengthening of Research in Oilseeds (Groundnut),

(B. H. 12008) (Plan)

  • To develop /introduce high yielding varieties of summer groundnut.
  • To develop groundnut varieties with improved oil content.
  • To develop groundnut varieties with short term dormancy to avoid in-situ germination of summer groundnut.
  • To develop groundnut varieties with diversified uses i.e. table purpose, confectionary type
  • Synchronization in pod development and maturity of summer groundnut for rabi-summer cultivation.


  • In mustard to develop short heighted, early sowing, bold seed and high yielding varieties.

Genetic Enhancement and Production Technology for Pulses, Oilseeds and Cereals,     

(B. H. 12963) (Plan)

  • Development of basic breeding materials pistillate lines and inbred lines of castor.
  • Strengthening the gene pool to overcome the major biotic streses of castor – (wilt and nematodes)
  • Development of basic breeding material of wheat.
  • Quality improvement in respect to biochemical parameters of pearl millet and wheat.
  • To develop castor hybrids adopted to high fertile soils.
  • To develop castor hybrids for late kharif and rabi sowing after harvest of short duration cereals crops.
  • To develop castor hybrids resistant to both wilt.

Project for Research in Agronomy and Crop Husbandry,

(B. H. 5025) (Non Plan)

  • To develop suitable cropping sequence, cultural practices, irrigation and integrated nutrient management.
  • To determine production potential under adequate and constraint resources.
  • To study intensive cropping pattern for more economic return.
  • To find out profitable crops in intercropping system.

Centre for Excellence for Soil and Water Management Technology,

(B. H. 12906) (Plan)

  • Intensification and extension of existing soil and water management research in different agro climatic zones
  • To initiate research on newer aspect of soil and water management in irrigated and rain fed areas.
  • Water requirements of different crops and scheduling of irrigation.
  • Techno-economic feasibility of pressurized irrigation systems including chemigation.
  • Study on mulching and cropping patterns.

Strengthening Adaptive Research in All Agro-climatic Zones of the State at Anand, 

(B. H. 12937) (Plan)

  • Adaptive research on farmers field for wide adoption of released varieties of important crops of the region.
  • Adaptive research on farmers field for wide adoption of proven crop production technology.

ICAR Mega Seed Project(Field Crops),

(B. H. 2030-10) (ICAR)

  • Planning and execution of seed production, processing and marketing / distribution of seeds with brand name ‘ANUBHAV SEEDS’.
  • Seed quality testing – Laboratory and field evaluation.
  • Monitoring, inspection and rouging of seed production plots in AAU.

Research and Enhancement of quality seed production of major crops of middle Gujarat, 

(B. H. 12963-03) (Plan)

To increase availability of Quality Seed to enhance productivity for Food Security

NARP, Anand,

(B. H. 8091-C) (Non Plan)

  • Nodal Officer (Seed) : execution and monitoring of seed production in AAU.
  • Execution and administration for research work at RRS, AAU, Anand.


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