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Kakanpur Instructional Farm

Instructional Farm (Kakanpur), CAET, Godhra

Government of Gujarat had given permission to establish a new Agricultural Engineering college in tribal belt of Middle Gujarat. Keeping-in-view, the demo graphical and geographical scenario and the probable prospects and contribution of Agricultural Engineering to the state of Gujarat, it was the vibrant vision of Hon’ble Shri Narendra Modi, Ex. Chief Minister of Gujarat  to establish an Agricultural Engineering College at Godhra under aegis of Van Bandhu Kalyan Yojna for providing quality technical education in  Agricultural Engineering for educational, societal and an overall upliftment of tribal youth as well tribal areas. The college was established at Dholakuva, Dahod road, Godhra under the jurisdiction of Anand Agricultural University, Anand.To conduct research, testing of farm machineries and demonstration of modern farm machineries an instructional farm was required to establish. To develop a research an instructional farm above 20.40 hectares area near Kankanpur village was allotted to the College. The detail of the land allotted was given in the map. The area was full of undulated profiles and totally wastes land not suitable for agricultural purposes. After acquiring the land, the entire area of the farm was leveled and made plots to facilitate a batter irrigation and drainage facilities.
Extreme work of land levelling, soil enrichment, drainage channel for removal of excess water, construction of compound wall & wire fencing for farm protection had been started and due to this intensive campaign the farm brought under cultivation in the very first year. At present the seed production programme of Maize, Cluster bean, Castor, Paddy, Mungbean, and Jowar (COFS-29) crop has been taken to supply the quality seed to the farmers of the tribal region of the area. The practicals and research projectof U.G., P.G. students and AGRESCO projects of various faculties are being conducted at the farm. The various training programmes on different subjects are being organized by various departments to provide training to farmers, rural youth, women farmers and artisans. A drop inlet structure for water harvesting is constructed at the farm from which the irrigation facility is being provided throughout the year. Various horticultural plants like Sweet orange, Cashew nut, Mango, Date palm, Jamun and some agro forestry plants are planted during last few years. The entire area of the farm was brought under leveling and plotting& irrigation facilities to each plots created through underground pipe line. Horticultural plantations are being irrigated by Drip Irrigation systems.

Aims of the Farm

  • Research related activities of the students and faculties.
  • Training, Testing and demonstration of the new technologies developed in the field of Agricultural Engineering programmes for the farmers and students of the region.
  • To Conduct various practicals of U.G. and P.G. (Agril.Engg.)students.
  • Various seed production programmes to provide quality seeds to the farmers.

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