College of Agricultural Engineering & Technology, Godhra


Panchmahal District is a developing tribal area. In this area due to Kadana and Panam Dams availability of water is quite good. Even though it's a mountainous area, the land is highly fertile and the local inhabitants are too entrepreneurs and hardworking. But due to poor knowledge of technology, they are having trivial income from Agriculture. Industries and business dependent on agricultural aspects are also very few at this place. If trained manpower can be prepared in this area, then by efficiently using natural resources available in this area, production of agricultural products can be increased.

For all kind of works regarding agriculture, for example, from ploughing to storing of agricultural products and to solve the difficulties experienced during different processes, the application of Engineering principle, rules and technological knowledge is termed as Agricultural Engineering.

For the enormous growth of the tribal inhabitants of this area, the Honourable Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Narendra Modi has sanctioned, College of Agricultural Engineering & Technology (CAET) under "VANBANDHU KALYAN YOJANA" at Godhra of Panchmahal District.


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