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College of Agricultural Engineering & Technology, Godhra


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Advances in engineering have been central to human progress ever since the invention of the wheel. In the past hundred and  fifty years in particular, engineering and technology have transformed the world we live in, contributing to significantly longer life expectancy and enhanced quality of life for large numbers of the country’s population. The critical roles of engineering in addressing the large-scale pressing challenges facing our societies worldwide are widely recognized. Such large-scale challenges include access to affordable food security, tackling the coupled issues of energy, transportation and climate change; clean drinking water; natural and man-made disaster mitigation, environmental protection and natural resource management, reducing food losses through value addition, mechanized farming, among numerous others. As such, mobilizing the engineering community to become more effective in delivering real products and services of benefit to tribal farmers of the state the Government of Gujarat established the College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology under Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana in the tribal area at Godhra on 9th May, 2008 under the shade of Anand Agricultural University. The College foundation stone was laid by the Then Hon Cheif Minsiter and present Prime Minsiter of the Country Sri Narendrabhai Modi.

The college campus is situated in the outskirts of district of Panchmahals-Godhra on Godhra-Dahod highway and is only 5 kms away from main state transport bus station. Godhra is well connected by rail services as well by bus with the rest part of Gujarat. With its prime location, it is easily reachable by buses (directly outside the college) and trains which make it very comfortable and easily accessible place.

The college campus, having a natural ambient, is well occupied by modern and innovative buildings and facilities. College proudly possesses Modern Class rooms with Interactive touch panels and Projectors, well established laboratories with all the latest instruments, boys’ and girls’ hostels with all the required facilities, Students Mess operating in Cooperative mode, administrative section, academic section, conference and committee halls, exam hall, computer centre, recreation rooms, and staff quarters etc. All these make campus environment ideal and conducive for learning.

The degree program addresses the perceived needs of public sector where the resources are confined and there is a critical need to build the engineering capacity of the private sector. The requirements of small and medium scale enterprises throughout the value chain for food and agricultural products are being tackled smoothly. The college is focussing on the need to increase the cost and quality competitiveness of these enterprises through application of appropriate engineering interventions and building reliable linkages within the value chain for small-holder farmers and small agro-enterprises enabling them to benefit from market opportunities. The single factor linking all parts of the agri-food system is the development of new and improved products.


  • To be reputable and creditable agricultural engineering college, producing quality graduates at a competitive level in line with the international education philosophy.
  • To explore research areas that will significantly contribute to the development of the state of Gujarat and nation as a whole.
  • To develop an environment for personal growth, opportunity, knowledge, exposure, personal attention and career directions in line with our nations inspiration, which is to build a generation of professionals catering to a knowledge based economy to meet global needs.
  • To generate advance tools and techniques for making smart agriculture possible at micro level.

Mission & Mandate

  • To facilitate progressive farming with enhanced valued production through efficient management and utilization of natural resources  such as land, water, vegetation and energy, agricultural mechanization, agricultural processing and post-harvest technology.
  • To prepare highly skilled, technically sound manpower by initiating and conducting academic program like B.Tech, M.Tech and Ph.D in various disciplines of Agricultural Engineering as desired utilized for Agricultural Industries and allied agencies.
  • To provide consultancy and advisory services to different Agricultural Industries, Government and Non-Governmental Institutions with synergic partnership.
  • To carry out extensive advance training and extension activities in the thrust areas keeping in the liaison with the different Government and Non-Government organisations to transfer the benefits to the society.
  • To provide Agricultural Engineering based needful inputs and produce technically trained workforce and other HR through vocational courses for creating a technical workforce in this tribal region of the state.

Goals & Objectives

  • To prepare highly skilled, technically sound manpower by conducting academic programmes
  • To carry out extensive training and extension activities in various thrust areas keeping in the liaison with the different Government and Non-Government organisations to transfer the benefits to the society
  • To facilitate progressive farming with enhanced valued production
  • To provide consultancy and advisory services to different agricultural industries, government and non-government enterprises, voluntary organisations, rural banks etc


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