Polytechnic in Food Science and Home Economics, AAU, Anand




Anand Agricultural University is the top ranking university in India well known for quality education, research as well as extension education in the field of agriculture and allied sciences. The university has seven well developed faculties namely; Agriculture, Veterinary science and animal husbandry, Dairy science, Food processing technology & bio-energy, Agriculture engineering, Agriculture business management and Information technology in agriculture. Entrepreneurship training in Bakery, Poultry and Mali etc. short term academic activities run along with informal educational programmes and other extension activities. An innovative idea of establishment of Polytechnic programmes in Agriculture engineering, Agriculture, Horticulture and Food Science and Nutrition are recently implemented to cater the need of middle level technocrats in the field.



The main objective of the scheme is to teach and train the secondary pass students to enable them to perform and supervise various activities in the area of human nutrition and dietetics and Food Science etc. to spread the knowledge among the people, to earn wages,  to become self employed and to get higher education  in the respective fields.


Specific Objectives

  • To conduct academic program leading to Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics to develop human resources in the respective field.
  • To carry out extension activities in the above areas keeping the liaison with the different agencies for effective training and transfer of technologies.
  • To carry out basic research to support education and extension activities.
  • To develop a perspective for multi disciplinary experience.
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